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Strategic Financial Management for Climate Tech, Clean Energy and Green Building Companies

Ready to run a sustainably profitable company?

Are you:

  • Confused by your financial statements?
  • Wondering where all the cash is when you have a positive net income?
  • Unsure about how much to pay yourself?

You’ve come to the right place. Green Hawk Consulting helps environmentally conscious entrepreneurs achieve sustainable and reliable profits by developing a concrete financial plan. Through the Profit First methodology, we enable our clients to pursue their purpose of a brighter, greener world while staying accountable to their goals.

  • Know where you stand financially.
  • Save time with bookkeeping services customized to your goals.
  • Transform your business into a purpose-driven, profit-making enterprise.

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Creating a legacy of Environmental Renewal – and Sustainable Financial Success.

As a Profit First Certified firm, Green Hawk is your guide to owning the business of your dreams.


Being confident in your decisions to grow, add staff, or invest in new technology.

Spending the weekend hiking the trails and paddling the lakes instead of catching up on your bookkeeping.

Building a secure future for your family.

It Starts Here.

Why Profit First?

Traditional accounting methods take the obvious financial approach of

Sales – Expenses = Profit

As a Profit First certified firm, Green Hawk Consulting can help you flip the formula to

Sales – Profits = Expenses

This time-tested approach helps entrepreneurs focus on Profits and rapidly grow their business according to their goals while keeping a sharp eye on expenses.

Carol Cabbiness, owner of Green Hawk Consulting, has guided many businesses to profitability by helping them understand their numbers, optimize their operations and implement business plans to reach new heights. Ready to get started?

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